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I'm sorry, this site is not open today. We are participating in a one day strike back against FOX. To find out how YOU can help our campaign, read on. If you sit back and do nothing, soon this site - along with many others could be gone for good.

Are you sick of how FOX is shutting down fan web sites for just praising their show? Has your site become a victim to FOX lawyers? Then join us... an underground organization to tell FOX that we are fed up. Today,  many fan sites are closing their doors to the public as a stand against FOX. We have decided that the way we are being treated is unacceptable and we are going to do something about it.


The web designing talent that is out there is unquestionable. The days, weeks and months that go in to producing the fantastic sites (such as this one)  that have been designed to honour our favourite shows is being undermined by FOX who seem to ignore the fact that we, the fans are the reason that the shows are any success at all. A while ago, FOX began searching for sites on the internet that went against copyright laws, by showing any kind of multimedia or information about the shows in question. They then proceed to communicate with either the webmaster/mistress, informing them that if they do not remove their site they will be sued, or contacting the server on which the pages are stored and asking them to remove the page for them.

The object of this project is to put an end to this interrogation. The fans have had ENOUGH and we are fighting back. Through this day we are attempting to attract enough attention and get a valuable case together in order to change copyright laws. We are NOT making any money or causing any harm by producing these pages, and most of all, we are supporting and advertising (for free I might add) the shows in question to a massive extent. Isn't the web a boring place without fan sites? Support our cause. Here's what you can do:


Helping our campaign is a simple process that need not take you more than several minutes. We CAN make a difference though, and we will.

1) Send an e-mail to FOX telling them how angry you are. The address to send it to is

2) Show FOX of your concerns by snail mail. Write a similar letter and send it to:

20TH TELEVISION (Production)
P.O. BOX 900
BEVERLY HILLS, CA 90213-0900

Together we can make a difference. Stand up and support the blackout campaign. For more information contact Jade - the campaign manager.